Hi, I'm Tapeworm (or Tape), and I have a lot of fun making horror stuff.
My artwork tends to be themed around the concepts of body horror, gore as affection and romantic
(it's also fun to gross people out)
I work in a variety of mediums, both digital and traditional, what I work in depends on what I feel.

Right now, my site is under some construction, so on some pages links won't work, things might look weird, but it will be back to usual soon.


9.28.2023- added a gore reference , I'll add more downloads to it as I work on more dissections and the like


9.16.22 heyyy I've decided to add a little updates thing here, mostly to talk about changes and what I've added to the place. At some point I might keep some sort of better new updates or something.

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to do
  1. character icons,
  2. character galleries