this whole thing is a big WIP for a good while

Depths of the Flesh

The story of an unusual skistomid that becomes the god to his planet.


Skistomid/skygger|he/it?|Perpetually ravenous
A Skistomid with skygger blood that managed to swallow the stone that contains the god to his planet.Because of his blood, he is perpetually hungry, and is absorbing the powers from said god and becoming the new one for his planet. However, the process is slow and he's not aware of how powerful he is Currently, he's on an entirely different world, feeding on the local inhabitants, and managed to find an equally monstrous disease/deity, Ankhanum. Eventually, Tapeworm will return to his planet and rule it however he wishes.

Dailiikhe/ Amiit arunfau

Deity|she/he|Tamer of shadows
The deity of Vakkour, even though it wasn't her first planet,which died with the rest of its solar system. She took Vakkour from it's original deity before hers died,and wiped out everything out to start anew. Unforunately, when her original planet died, she lost much of her power, and decided to make skistomids swallow hematite stones to be able to manipulate shadows, and went to rest inside one, in hopes of one finding her and taking control of it's body. Instead of a normal skistomid that did, it was one with an all consuming blood, and she is now losing herself inside it.


Marbled skistomid|they/them|Traveler
Just a typical skistomid with markings similar to a marbled corpse, this traveler manages to get Tapeworm to follow them instead of eating them with promises of an endless food supply. They weren't wrong, but he eventually left them when something else caught his interest.


Skygger "king"|he/him|original ravenous beast
Self proclaimed king of skyggers, Nagull may have been one of the first skyggers from The Grudge, but is not a fan of her by any means. Like any full skygger, he is hungry beyong belief and can and will eat anything and everything.


Deity of Avekh, the planet closes to the sun, even though his odd looks suggest otherwise, he is rather vain. He really doesn't want Dailiikhe to regain herself and her powers and is doing anything he can to stop that.


The story of a man becoming a beast because of messing with powers he shouldn't have

Dr.Horace Wormwood

Once human|he/him|fucked around and found out
Once a sort of scientist type, Wormwood studied deities and worked closely with various ones,
giving them offerings, both gifts, favors, and sacrifices, in trade for getting different abilities, healing others, and generally actually helping others out with their lives. Because of putting so much focus on helping others out, he was highly regarded even though people didn't know much about him. His then boyfriend got into some deep shit, ended up dying, and desparate, Horace sacrificed himself to save said boyfriend. This trade brought about changes that he was very much not prepared for.

(This is an au version of Tapeworm, based off of a series of dreams I've had)


Flesh god|he/him|meaty
A deity of the flesh (in both the meat way and the sex way), he can control the forms of others and usually does so for his own amusement. He is the one that gave the gift of shifting others to Wormwood and started him changing on his own. Bol's body may or may not be a colony of tubifex worms.